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Boundary Resolution Solutions

Practical advice on your boundary issues because you have to live with your neighbours.

Initial discussions are usually done over the phone, using the benefits of technology, with Google Earth satellite photos, Street View, Land Registry plans and other on line facilities to get a feeling about the issues.

This gives a good understanding of the likely scope of the problem and some indication of the issues, so we can estimate how long it will take to make the initial investigation, which usually involves an informal site visit.

Following the visit a Letter of Advice and Recommendation, is then written.

This is not designed to be compliant with Pt 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), dealing with Expert Evidence, but designed to provide initial practical advice to the parties and their advisers as to the way forward.

Legal Expenses Insurance is included with many property owners' household policies. This may pay for these initial investigations.

Working for a fixed agreed fee, we can provide property owners and their advisers something tangible to discuss and plan the way forward.

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