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Boundary Resolution Solutions

Practical advice on your boundary issues because you have to live with your neighbours.

Further stages will probably include recommendations:

1:  Ordnance Survey (OS) maps go back over the past 200 years in some places. These are a record of the changing physical features that their surveyors have observed during their many site visits over the years. Their degree of accuracy varies from place to place.

We can obtain copies of historical OS maps from a professional mapping service company in London, (cost about £170), depending on the number of sheets.

2:  Having seen the site, we may also recommend engaging land surveyors, with whom we work closely.

Using modern Total Station equipment, including accurate GPS positioning, with OS National Grid Coordinates and other aids, they are able to provide plans and written materials. There will be advantages with the Land Registry, if Ordnance Survey National Grid coordinates are given for all boundaries.

Their plans can be used in any form of court or tribunal hearings as part of our written documents where Pt 35 CPR Expert Witness reports are required.

3:  It may also be sensible to obtain historical aerial photographs of the area. We have contacts with experienced consultants who can interpret these pictures.

4:  Considering Selling? If you are considering selling the property, answering questions 1 & 2 in the Law Society's Pre contract Property Information Form TA6 about boundaries should make you think if you are in dispute!!

5:  Mediation. Boundary issues are often in need of practical, rather than legalistic, solutions and we are able to assist in this, provided both parties seek to resolve the issues.

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